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Prof. Bruno Millet

Interested in neuromodulation (non invasive and invasive techniques), expert in OCD and PTSD.

Dr. Redwan Maatoug

Aims to apply machine learning algorithms to neuroimaging (fMRI - PET) and EEG data to predict and diagnose mental disorders.

Prof. Florian Ferreri

Expert in PTSD and interested in new technologies.

Dr. Stéphane Mouchabac

Involved in several studies regarding innovation and digital health.

Dr. Vladimir Adrien

Interested in fundamental (lipidomics - membrane dynamics) and clinical research regarding PTSD, mood disorders and schizophrenia.

Dr. Alexis Bourla

With a focus on neuromodulation, innovations and decentralized clinical trials

Ilyass Msellek

The pythonist of our team: convert ideas into code. EEG, fMRI, PET - Machine learning / Deep learning.

Leïla El Amine

Resident - Master 2 student

Walid Marouf

Data Scientist (Machine Learning & Deep Learning Specialist)

Zahra Hatami

Research Engineer

Jeanne Spiteri

Medical student - M1 student

Dr. Bertrand Saudreau

Interested in health innovation, pharmacogenetics and hypnosis


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